EP produced by bigg taj

by Bigg Taj

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(free) 03:01


released September 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Bigg Taj UK

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Track Name: Hip Hop
Sniffing lines of that hip hop, the 5 elements, make me feel relevant, eloquent, coming straight from the underground, bearded face with the skin thats brown skin tone matches the earth, the dirt, grew from a seed, tall like a tree so you can see me, i stand amongst a million, having some people saying some shit ,like "man, im feeling him", I nod my head to my brothers, who wear the cloth of the stuggle and i understand your troubles, let me die on stage at any age, thats where it began thats where it should end, im not a stepping stone in this world of clones, scared to be individuals blend in to the visuals some act like theyre invincible see through them like theyre invicible attitude dispicable irritable miserable

We went from darkies to paki's to singh is king to talibans in this country trying to make a cunt of me you sound like baw bags whod get, body bagged but not by my raps drop bombs like im in iraq, you wonder why im mad and i snap teaching the masses is why i rap nobodies got my back, running solo so im on my own, muay thai to protect in this danger zone, sky high is the way we're going, legendary on the microphone, i can be the best im willing and able, plug the mic into the XLR cable, give the crowd high fives on a natural high giving out good vibes then saying good bye, in this game for 8 chapters, had a lot of laughters good memories have been captured, WHAT!
Track Name: heart & soul ft Empress One and Spee sixnine
bigg taj
im not into acting hard and shit, im a star at your gigs, im starting to inspire the kids, you best quit cause i wont be retiring quick, im the greatest of all time like fedor is, i give them heart and soul worth more than cars and gold, dont know what the future holds watch it unfold, im watching for those who smile too much, cause theyre the ones wholl run a mile with your stuff wont help when youre stuck, every man for himself cause in the end no one ever really gives a fuck, and before i even meet my creator imma leave a mark on this planet like a crator, stop making promises, cause honestly, its starting to bother me, properly, earned my stripes like adidas, nows the time the youth need us, supply em with the tools to become leaders, turning skeptics into believers make sure the music delivers, pass the torch like olympics, next generation lifting spirits, hussle on my own is all i know, a natural like cotoure an underog like the poor

Empress X

dont needa impress, dont needa convince, dont needa persuade you
but nevatheless empress profess blessings upon you
see i was weak but i feel stronga now, ya see me?
and when i needed u the most, thats when ya leave me
after all is said and done, glad u didnt stand by me
shredded all ya convictions like they was some oragami
now redirectin all my energy back to the truth
inevitably we b settin examples for the youth
and bad root will bare no good fruit
so ive loaded up my soul and im ready to shoot
wrappin knowledge round my head like Taj's turban
and i aint cashin out homie, im all in
dont tell me what u about, ya life speaks for itself
so just choose ya destiny or face the hand u were dealt
cuz the future's an emergency, so i move with urgency
if ya dig deep into ya memory, i bet u gon remember me
o cant ya see im buildin on a past legacy
from the UK to California
Mexico hasta la India
Bigg Taj and Empress sendin the message to ya
Track Name: Sacrifice ft Mandeep Sethi
Bigg Taj
verse 1
my 1st album was slept on but i kept going getting booed at gigs by some loser kids not knowing im amazing like a lunar eclipse have them talk amongst each other like "who is this" continue persuing it, theres no ruining shit, up my game leave em shocked like when nog got stopped UH getting heckled by some dumb fucks who havent really done much but the real heads give us a thumbs up, fuck a social life, i wanna make sure my shows tight , spend time home at night making sure that the flow is right, for the love of music we sacrifice a lot in our life for what, blame the media for making me complain claminging truban heads are terrorists imma get the best of this, asking daddy why they calling us pakis get back to your country why they keep on making fun of me..

Mandeep Sethi
Verse 2
yo i sacrifice a piece of myself
for the greater good
of humanity even though my family aint doin well
bigg taj representing for the khalsa panth
all way to killa california gully slums
this is a part of my life
my blood drips from my veigns
to be used as ink every time i write
fuck a deal with the devil especially white
divide and conquer the british left us with no rights
partitioning my motherland in two
my family left everything they built tell me for who
the land of punjab is watered by mothers tears
all while the government try to instill us full of fear//
we are the martyrs of a heartless generation where most of our peers are complacent
apathetic to the ways of the world and the fact that its changing
sacrificing words like ancient egyptian sages

Bigg Taj
Verse 3

My lack of education, qualifications, leads to a lack of an occupation and im losing my patience, put my eggs in one basket was drastic i wake up in a panic like damn it and admit that this life that i live is absolute shit, an average man with some avid fans, take the feedback and the cristism knowing not everyone listens and i dont bother with all the bitching, the gigs are plenty but my pockets are empty i still cant make a penny blessed by what god sent me, i never realised when i started as an artist how far id get not about being the hardest but who can push the music fartherst and my heart is in this till the day i finish and win this and the whole world can be my witness, careful by what you put out, it comes back on you, repocussions for not being true
Track Name: Reflect (pt2) ft Ross Clement
Bigg Taj
Verse 1

as i reflect on the past always been an outcaste i wont be outclassed i wont finish last i hope that i can make this before i fall from greatness the racist i faced it dont drink so dont get wasted, i dont wanna smoke marijuana, i just wanna make music so the youth can use it, adrenaline rush as my heart pumps this is what the crowd wants set the standard cause im number one, im anti social worldwide global always sober, my grandpappy unahppy waiting for life to be over, its mysteries, puts the fear in us, everyday its getting near to us

Verse 2
Past memories are distorting pain through heartbreak fell like the leaves in the autumn seed not allowed to blossom was not awsome pick myself up from rock bottom never to be forgotten, asking god to help us all maybe thats our downfall, obsessed with celebrities so watch stars like astronomy, no support from those folks who suppossed to support, get a real job but a real job doesnt pay either, bow out gracefully, let the haters hate on me, hang up the microphone done this all on my own, let the leachers leach, let this teacher teach, skys the limit we reach as i reflect on this beat...