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Superstar Sardar EP

by Bigg Taj

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CHORUS I grab the mic and represent my people. VERSE ONE I went from beatboxing and rapping in school, thought i was acting a fool, i was never that cool i was, in a couple of crews or 2 , i never like it , the open mic i was invited , city to city to battle they never paid the travel, did what i had to , to build my reputation, you win some you lose some thats how you improve son, not up for the challenge its best that you do one, these killer sounds be killing the crowd, motherfucks im viral and i dont mean on the internet, i mean im sick as fuck my beatbox will injure necks, been in this for a decade, im respected, taking notice of these fake ass promoters, who owe me cash money, no thats not funny , no hesitation, everytime i hesitate someone else takes my placement, time to erase them CHORUS VERSE TWO Back in the days scribble wu tang on my note book, damn they were so good, white kids disliked this, at that time i was micless but going on the right path back of the class beatboxing for a laugh, now im a veteran better than all of them no manager or agent but still managed to make it , i grab the mic and represent my people, the crown on my head is to show that we equal, you cant fuck with the nicest, beatbox battle, taking heads like im ISIS, dont give a fuck if your friends dont like this, its now or never so i got my act together, missed opportunities due to insecurities, i regret it the chances that i let slip, these last 2 bars will floor your arse my flow is hard, music and me will never grow apart!
VERSE ONE Ladies and gentlemen, welcome in , let me tell you what i represent till the very end, people are terrified , media be telling lies, masses are terrorised the revolution won't be televised, They start on my people fight to be equal id like to be free though tell me where we go, power to the peaceful, spreading good vibes, the revolution won't be televised, my history, i understand, give us our Khalistan, ghandi hated us straight up betrayed us fucking traitor time to wake up, I'm that brown fuck who started from the ground up working with my young team thats where they found us, as i sound off doing things that I'm proud of young people army spark a revolution, open your eyes and open your minds, consumed by consumerism, manipulation, manipulate us into buying shit, I'm not lying kids , i write the things that are frightening CHORUS tell the kids, to stand strong and rap along to rebel songs VERSE 2 Never forgiving ya, for not releasing our sikh political prisoners, RAJOANA, brown skin black cotton, never let my people be forgotten, its time to make a change thats what tupac said five shots in the dark now tupacs dead, don't treat them like dumb youth or lead them to drug use, know that we love you, know they can trust you, not creating fighting creative writing, my words are my weapon with which i fight with , with might i strike with on the mic i recite this with so much excitement, i won't remain a target hustle the hardest changing society thats where my heart is, tell the kids, to rap along, to rebel songs, to rebel songs
VERSE ONE Teaching my young people army leadership roles, freedom is yours if you break free from the mould, dont give a fuck about your silver or gold slithering foes, i come with a rediculous flow, im a student of pac, dead prez, immortal tech, i rather die a martyr than someone who doesnt matter, im not accepted socially, i wanna be known globally as i speak soulfully, closet racists vote for UKIP, so i use my music , to reach to your kids, lead them to the enlightened away from the useless, My grandfather said it would come to this, UH , no down side to black and brown pride, rep for the minority , thats how im gonna be, fuck it, you can take your country back, keep it free from brown and blacks, you probably like the sound of that.. VERSE 2 My mind is full of litter and filth, this world will make you bitter and wilt, tell me whos the biggest terrorist the government or the rest of us, it dawned on me, a world full of zombies, they spy on us, through our phones and apps, i swear my phone is tapped, we're prone to that , UH, put your fist or your lighters up, never let them frighten us bringing out the fight in us, i speak the truth i shiver and shake keep my eyes wide open for these slithering snakes, fight for equality like our gurus did, im gonna through with it reaching out to all you kids, im not just talking, i start a movement, my young people army spark a revolution, i write from my heart, pure gold, this aint no rich boy rap and i aint no poor soul...
uh, why we always being held back, is it cause i keep my head wrapped, you're clear on your subject put fear in the public we appear worthless, propaganda constantly testing, ethnic cleansing is the weapon they invest in, taliban, terrorist , i kick in the door i come to end all of this, how many mainstream singhs you seen? I represent an idea, are we clear? Christians , muslims , jews be fighting its frightening , my sikhs seek enlightenment, they look at me with hate filled eyes, blame the TV for hateful lies, divide and conquer , how much longer, time to wake up , from our slumber, am i frightening if i whiter skin would you link me then? Even bollywood want a piece of this look, you bunch of fucking crooks, violently killed, societies ill quietly chill in the streets where the riots will fill, popping pills just to cure my ills , my mind is full of litter and filth, this world will make you bitter and wilt, shaking hands with shady mans who making plans taking grands thats the shit i can't stand i want freedom, for all these reasons you can do me for treason fight for what you believe in, why they incite a war someone tell me what the fuck we fighting for , i rather be broke and working with the kids instead of being broke off some worthless shit, you're talking revolution , you're not even moving, so heres a solution, working with young people army to build in our community, unity , thats freedom to me
VERSE ONE extremist religon, terrorism, embrace individuality, follow spirituality im mentally free cause im meant to be free, banging the drums hear the warriors come, beat up the beat like rakaa did, everybody knows aint no stopping this i thought it was so obvious, our world leaders watching them deceive us, where do they lead us turn us into non believers , come and take a proper gander at the propaganda, living in a modern day slavery, taking my wage away nobody saving me i wanna break free so im breaking away, the media dont wanna play this why? I tell it like it is while you tell the people lies, minority rise with rage in their eyes those we despise hoping they die, inspire the youth, dont retire the truth, its a slave system, with bare victims, too much emphasis , material emptiness, where the end to this, wheres the helpfulness, blaaaow, taking shots from the underground, and this is how it sounds CHORUS its a propaganda VERSE 2 I leave this here for the people living in fear, forever on with the rebel songs, children are born, teaching them wrong, gone on for far too long, dont watch the news, watch for clues, watch what they do , to me and you, lets spark a riot, we been far too quiet, no need to be silent no need to be violent, your social commentary is comedy to me, try walking in the shoes of a turban headed minority, calling me lazy calling me a slob, calling me a beggar stealing your job, blaming the immigrants and the innocent lets break the mould and take control. its a crazy mixed up world that we live in, divine intervention intervene in my living a lack compassion in my fellow beings, the hell we're seeing its not well im agreeing, scrimping and saving, sinking not sailing, im thinking im failing, the media dont wanna play this why? Cause i say it like it is while you tell the people lies.
I be on my shirt and pagh, throw you deuce up in the sky just for the shutter bug, i be on stage, smash em in the face with the music that i make, singh was king before bollywood, nodding your head to this just like i thought you would, when i ask are you feeling me, i dont mean physically i mean lyrically open mind spiritually, switch off if youre sick of me , youll never get rid of me are you fucking kidding me, i belong on the stage, fuck a big corporation for us working like slaves, fuck the media they never wanna cover this, no advantages, head wrapped like bandages, your peeping my sound, im keeping my crown the crowd leaping around with the uniquness i found UH!
VERSE ONE Im fighting for freedom, the youth we should free them and watch what we feed them and the lies that deceive them my thoughts i conceived them for this very reason , the chosen one, the one to believe in, the choice i chose, speak against those i oppose, fuck a big corporation , im not co operating ,working day to day, slowly losing my patience, my life i am wasting, is what i am facing, and for the disbelievers , hit them with a fist of freedom, vandalize our place of worship make us feel like we aint worth shit, no peace without war, when the sikhs draw their swords, you best believe, that its freedom that we're coming for. CHORUS I want to be free oh yes i do VERSE 2 You cant fool all the people all of the time but if you fool the right ones then the rest will fall behind, wasted potential of the youth, wasting away on drugs and booze with no other path to choose so the path they choose is a path to lose, lost and confused, not knowing what to do , no heroes in mainstream, i speak upon the shit that ive seen, the choice i chose, speak against those i oppose, you can listen to me speak, or turn the other cheek but ill never retreat until my goals i meet, and for my baby doll, when im not physically there, just no that daddy loves you and how much i care, self reflection is the key to self progression, dont be a push over, never get trampled on, warrior princess with the heart of a champion , reach for the stars and beyond and be strong.


Its about breaking the stereotypes thats hold our people back.


released March 8, 2016

Sean El
Breakbeats son
Richard Richardson
Singh Mahoon
Angel S
and my partner in crime SPEE SIX NINE


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